Docker: It Just Works!

The term ‘Docker’ might be intimidating with all the jargon and terminology that comes with it, but it is everything but!

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This article was written as a submission of CS UI’s software development course’s article task.

In a Nutshell

The Infrastructure

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Docker Client

Docker Daemon

Docker Images

Docker Containers

Container Registry


Making an Image

docker build -t web:latest .
#List all available images
docker image ls
#List all running containers
docker container ls
#List all containers (including stopped containers)
docker container ls -a

Running a container

docker container run --name web -d -e “PORT=8765” -p 8007:8765 web:latest
docker stop web

Other commands

docker logs <name-of-container>
docker exec -it <name-of-container> sh
docker prune

Docker implementation in our project

Our gitlab-ci.yml
The heroku API script
My pruning script in action, running every hour



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