If you decide to make your own gitlab runner for whatever reason, the process isn’t complicated at all!

source : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57440984/do-i-need-gitlab-runner-to-perform-cicd-for-my-projects-in-gitlab

Creating your own gitlab runner gives you some advantages. You can turn one of your powerful computers/cloud instances into one if you feel like the default gitlab runners aren’t powerful or fast enough. You can assign special runners to do certain jobs easier. And, most importantly, you can configure your runner extensively. That last advantage came to a head when I had to use my university’s version of gitlab, gitlab.cs.ui.ac.id, …

A simple way to find room for improvement and refinement.

source : https://usabilitygeek.com/remote-usability-testing-best-practices/

Usability Testing, sometimes used interchangeably with “user testing”, is a method to test the functionality of apps by observing real people (participants) trying to complete certain objectives (tasks), conducted by facilitators. But why do we even bother with usability testing? and while we’re at it, how do we even do it? In this article, I will attempt to answer those questions.

Why should we do Usability Testing?

You might think that a good UX designer would be able to create a user experience that is intuitive and perfect already, so there’s really no need to bother with usability testing. But weirdly enough, the truth of that…

Deploying applications effectively might not sound as exciting as making one; but it sure is as important.

source : https://www.techinasia.com/talk/heres-what-happens-when-engineering-team-updates-software-daily

In the short time I’ve been a computer science student, I’ve noticed that the majority of my colleagues are infatuated with the prospect of making applications, but neglect the importance of deploying them. They don’t find it as interesting as making the application themselves, and so they don’t really dig that deep into it, having seen no reason to. …

Teamwork makes the dream work

source : https://www.dardiscommunications.com/2019/04/3-tips-to-counter-negative-team-dynamics/

Team dynamics is not a mystical concept in the corporate world. In fact, companies often invest a lot of time and resources into cultivating a culture that promotes teamwork. So what exactly is team dynamics?


Team Dynamics refer to how people interact with each other within a team. Everything from how they communicate with each other, to how they work together when they’re actually working. …

Writing code that works is one thing; but writing good code is another.

source : perforce.com

Defining what ‘clean code’ is can be subjective. Of course, there’s an absolutely fantastic book written by none other than Robert C. Martin that goes into thorough detail on what the term means, in this article, we’re not gonna delve nearly that deep; instead, we’re gonna talk about the part of ‘clean code’ that pretty much everybody agrees on.

Among the many definitions of clean code that you can find if you look hard enough, I found that most of them can be distilled into…

The term ‘Docker’ might be intimidating with all the jargon and terminology that comes with it, but it is everything but!

source : https://blog.iron.io/docker-containers-the-pros-and-cons-of-docker/

There are many ways to deploy and distribute your applications. Among those, docker is renowned for its consistency: it effectively eliminates the “but it works on my machine!” problem. If it works locally, then you can be very certain that it’ll work on the production server. Why is that? and how does docker even work?

In a Nutshell

Docker is a platform based on containers — a process (or groups of it) that is isolated from the OS. Think of VMs, but not quite. Containers run images —…

Everything you need to know to get you started with one of the best version control software out there.

source : https://towardsdatascience.com/git-for-noobs-7a846ce98c9a

In tech, generally, there are more than a few approaches to solve a problem. Whether it be paradigms, frameworks, or languages, what is deemed “best practice” might vary significantly from team to team. However, pretty much everyone agrees that version control is a must when it comes to group projects. …

To make the best products for your customers, you have to think like them.


We all want to make the best product for our customers. It makes sense from both a business perspective and a moral perspective. Creating a product that has good functionality and strong fundamentals will make your product usable and will give your customers a reason to use your product, but creating a product that your customers actually like will give them a reason to stay.

I’m sure we all want our…

‘Agile’ seems to be the new hot trend, especially in the tech industry. But what is it exactly?

source : https://appfab.technology/what-is-agile/

If you’re in the tech industry, then I’m sure you’ve heard the term “agile” being thrown around here and there, or maybe you’re using this approach at work right now, or have done so in the past. But if I were to ask you what agile means in tech, how would you answer? Would you say that it’s an accumulation of practices like stand-up meetings and test-driven…

This tiresome approach might give you unexpected and valuable benefits.

Ahh, Test-Driven Development. I’m pretty sure almost all software developers know what it is by now, or at least get the gist of what it is. Whether or not developers like the idea, though, is a bit more dividing.

At first glance, TDD seems very counterintuitive and cumbersome, where the benefits are minute when compared to the heaps of extra work and thinking you have to do to properly implement it. In other words, it doesn’t seem like a good idea at all. …


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