The term ‘Docker’ might be intimidating with all the jargon and terminology that comes with it, but it is everything but!

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There are many ways to deploy and distribute your applications. Among those, docker is renowned for its consistency: it effectively eliminates the “but it works on my machine!” problem. If it works locally, then you can be very certain that it’ll work on the production server. Why is that? and how does docker even work?

In a Nutshell

Docker is a platform based on containers — a…

Everything you need to know to get you started with one of the best version control software out there.

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In tech, generally, there are more than a few approaches to solve a problem. Whether it be paradigms, frameworks, or languages, what is deemed “best practice” might vary significantly from team to team. However, pretty much everyone agrees that version control is a must when it comes to group projects. …

To make the best products for your customers, you have to think like them.


We all want to make the best product for our customers. It makes sense from both a business perspective and a moral perspective. Creating a product that has good functionality and strong fundamentals will make your product usable and will give your customers a reason to use your product, but creating a product that your customers actually like will give them a reason to stay.

I’m sure we all want our…

‘Agile’ seems to be the new hot trend, especially in the tech industry. But what is it exactly?

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If you’re in the tech industry, then I’m sure you’ve heard the term “agile” being thrown around here and there, or maybe you’re using this approach at work right now, or have done so in the past. But if I were to ask you what agile means in tech, how would you answer? Would you say that it’s an accumulation of practices like stand-up meetings and test-driven…

This tiresome approach might give you unexpected and valuable benefits.

Ahh, Test-Driven Development. I’m pretty sure almost all software developers know what it is by now, or at least get the gist of what it is. Whether or not developers like the idea, though, is a bit more dividing.

At first glance, TDD seems very counterintuitive and cumbersome, where the benefits are minute when compared to the heaps of extra work and thinking you have to do to properly implement it. In other words, it doesn’t seem like a good idea at all. …

COMPFEST Talks yang merupakan rangkaian acara terakhir dari COMPFEST dilaksanakan dua hari berturut-turut, dengan dua channel yang berbeda, salah satunya adalah channel Influence. Sekarang, COMPFEST Talks telah berada hari kedua, yang sekaligus menjadi dari hari terakhir berjalannya COMPFEST tahun ini. Untuk itu, mari kita lihat apa saja informasi yang tersampaikan di Channel Influence pada hari ini.

Keynote Speaker

Hai, Digifellas!

Setelah melalui beberapa purnama, akhirnya kini COMPFEST telah mencapai lap terakhir dari perjalanannya, yaitu dengan dilaksanakannya acara COMPFEST Talks. COMPFEST Talks dilaksanakan dua hari berturut-turut, dengan dua channel yang berbeda, salah satunya adalah channel influence. Mari simak keseruan dari Channel Influence dari COMPFEST Talks pada hari pertama ini!

Despite this year’s unfortunate circumstances, COMPFEST is back with its long-awaited Competitions.

As usual, there will be a total of four major competitions, all focusing on different things and tackling different subjects in the world of IT, but like most of COMPFEST’s events this year, it will be held online due to the situation that we are in. If you think you got what it takes to compete with other tech enthusiasts, sign up and get your chance to become the victor!

Competitive Programming Contest


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